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The annual “Essential Reading” article is among the most popular features in the Fulton Schools’ newsletters and our news site, Full Circle. It offers recommendations to engineering students on books they should read during their college years.

We’re asking for your contribution to this year’s feature. The guidelines are simple:

Choose a book — nonfiction or fiction — that you think will provide students inspiration to pursue their career aspirations, give them insight into navigating life’s various challenges – or simply books that are compelling or entertaining explorations into intriguing subjects of all kinds.

The books do not have to be about engineering or even anything directly related to engineering — but they can be if  you want. One rule: no textbooks.

Write two or three sentences that capsulize what the book is about. Then in another two or three sentences tell students why they should read it. In other words, what lessons could they learn from the book that would be valuable to them on their paths through and beyond college.

See examples of previous versions of “Essential reading”:

Contact Joe Kullman at with your recommendation.

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