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  • February 09, 2015
Award Title Total Recognititon $ Pi Full Name Investigator Name Sponsor Name
Pakistan Centers for Advanced Studies in Energy (PCASE) 3654000 Shumaker,John W Abbaszadegan,Morteza; Alum,Absar; Danielson,Scott George; Goss,Jeffrey; Henderson,Mark Richard; Johnson,Nathan Gregory; Kiaei,Sayfe; Panchanathan,Sethuraman; Razdan,Anshuman; Shrake,Scott Owen STATE-US Agency for International Development
At the Interface: Hybrid Materials Leading to New Energy Conversion And Energy Storage Platforms 350000 Petuskey,William T Chan,Candace Kay;Crozier,Peter; Goodnick,Stephen; Marshall Arizona Board of Regents
The Vocational University Leadership and Innovation Institute (VULII) 313362 Danielson,Scott George Danielson,Scott George; Goss,Jeffrey; Lindquist,Timothy E STATE-US Agency for International Development
Optimizing human supervision of multi-agent systems 250000 Artemiadis,Panagiotis K. Artemiadis,Panagiotis K. DOD-Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Foundations for Network Resilience Against Cascading Failures: Modeling Fundamental Limits and Robust Network Architecture 244321 Zhang,Junshan Zhang,Junshan DOD-Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
Silver-free Metallization for Producing High Efficiency Industrial Silicon Solar Cells 196891 Bowden,Stuart Graham Bowden,Stuart Graham DOE-U.S. Department of Energy
AAC – Best Value Strategic Initiative 165000 Sullivan,Kenneth T Kashiwagi,Dean Takeo; Sullivan,Kenneth T Western States Contracting Alliance
Development of Novel Josephson Tunnel Junctions for Quantum Computing 109358 Newman,Nathan Newman,Nathan DOD-US Department of Defense
SSPARC: Limits on Adaptive Cooperative Communications and Radar 107657 Bliss,Daniel Wesley Bliss,Daniel Wesley; Papandreou-Suppappola,Antonia DOD-Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Sorbent-Based Oxygen Production for Energy Systems 100000 Lin,Jerry Y S Lin,Jerry Y S DOE-National Energy Technology Laboratory
In-Situ Remediation of Heavy Hydrocarbons in Impacted Vadose Zone Soils: Strategy and Management Approach for Innovation 94430 Johnson,Paul Carr Dahlen,Paul R; Johnson,Paul Carr; Rittmann,Bruce Edward; Torres,Cesar I; Westerhoff,Paul Chevron Energy and Technology Company
Learning Robust Recognition Models for Video Events Using Planning-based Semantic Feedback 84720 Li,Baoxin Li,Baoxin DOD-Army Research Office
Synthetic Biology for Cancer Research 75000 Haynes,Karmella Haynes,Karmella Arizona Biomedical Research Commission
Epigenetic control of pancreatic cells with DNA-packing sensors and actuators (Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center (SynBERC)) 61124 Haynes,Karmella Haynes,Karmella NSF-Division of Engineering Education & Centers
RAPID: Understanding the Evolution Patterns of the Ebola Outbreak in West-Africa and Supporting Real-Time Decision Making and Hypothesis Testing 59993 Candan,Kasim Selcuk Candan,Kasim Selcuk NSF-Division of Information Intelligent Systems (IIS)
US-Australia Solar Energy Collaboration (USASEC): Micro Urban Solar Integrated Concentrator (MUSIC) 54246 Wang,Liping Dai,Lenore L; Phelan,Patrick E; Wang,Liping; Wang,Robert Y.; Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
NSF Workshop on Wireless Security 50000 Zhang,Yanchao Zhang,Yanchao NSF-Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Enginee
Physics-Based Models for Mid-IR Bismide Semiconductor Lasers 50000 Johnson,Shane Richard Johnson,Shane Richard DOD-Air Force Office of Scientific Research
EAGER: I-Corps for Learning (I-Corps-L): Curriculum Development and Implementation 49830 Mckenna,Ann Frances Mckenna,Ann Frances NSF-National Science Foundation
VACCINE: Visual Analytics for Command Control Interoperability National Security and Emergencies 47332 Maciejewski,Ross Maciejewski,Ross DHS-Department of Homeland Security
Professional and technical support to assist the USAFSAM Ophthalmology Branch in designing and building the AVT software 46375 Gray,Robert D Gray,Robert D DOD-Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Improving Asthma Control through mHealth-Based Home Monitoring 44708 Gary,Kevin A Gary,Kevin A HHS-NIH-National Institutes of Health
Nonlinear Damping Modeling for LCO of Aircraft with Stores 35000 Mignolet,Marc Paul Mignolet,Marc Paul DOD-Air Force
Evaluate Degradation Mechanisms in old Photovoltaic (PV) Modules from Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) 25000 Tamizhmani,Govindasamy Tamizhmani,Govindasamy DOE-U.S. Department of Energy
TRIF:WEE/LWRKS-OCTOPUS II PURC 25000 Holman,Zachary Charles Holman,Zachary Charles TRIF: Technology & Research Initiative Fund
Understanding Impacts of Desert Urbanization on Climate and Surrounding Environments to Foster Sustainable Cities Using Remote Sensing and Numerical M 20800 Myint,Soe W Huang,Huei-Ping NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center
Student Travel Support for the 2014 Career Workshop for Women and Minorities in Computer Architecture (CWWMCA) 15000 Wu,Carole-Jean Wu,Carole-Jean NSF-CISE-Computing and Communication Foundations
Project 4 13000 Tsai,Wei-Tek Tsai,Wei-Tek Fujitsu Laboratories LTD
Improving the Robustness of Deployed Machine Learning Algorithms 12500 Berisha,Visar Shahin Berisha,Visar Shahin DOD-Office of Naval Research
BRIDGE in Sustainable Energy and Information and Communication Technologies 11403 Razdan,Anshuman Johnson,Nathan Gregory; Razdan,Anshuman Inter-American Development Bank
Drug Discovery by Integrating Chemical Genomics and Structural Systems Biology 10662 Tong,Hanghang Tong,Hanghang HHS-NIH-NLM-National Library of Medicine
Ontario University Collaborative (OUC) Arizona State University (ASU) Best Value (BV) Strategic Initiative 8856 Sullivan,Kenneth T Sullivan,Kenneth T University of Western Ontario
Advance Vehicle Technology Competition AVTC EcoCAR3 6029 Mayyas,Abdel Ra’Ouf Turki Csavina,Kristine Rene; Gaffar,Ashraf; Hristovski,Kiril D; Humble,Jane E; Lande,Micah; Madakannan,Arunachalanadar; Mayyas,Abdel Ra’Ouf Turki; Ralston,Laurel; Redkar,Sangram S; Robertson,John; Whitehouse,Richard O DOE-U.S. Department of Energy
City of Spruce Grove Best Value Implementation Strategic Engagement 5000 Sullivan,Kenneth T Kashiwagi,Dean Takeo; Sullivan,Kenneth T City of Spruce Grove
Compressive Sensing for Image Understanding 2232 Turaga,Pavan Kumar Turaga,Pavan Kumar DOD-Office of Naval Research
CONNECTION ONE – NSF MANAGER ACCOUNT (IUCRC):Communication Circuits and Systems Research Center Phase III 1987 Kiaei,Sayfe Kiaei,Sayfe Connection One (ASU Consortium)

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