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ETS has enhanced our network storage options for Windows users.  For departments and schools, we have increased the free storage space from 100 gigabytes (GB) to 200 gigabytes.  For research groups, the amount of free space has been increased from 25 GB to 50 GB.  This storage space is accessible via the S: drives on your computers.  As an example, S:/Schools/ECEE now has 200 GB of storage available instead of 100 GB.

The storage allocated to individuals has increased as well; it had been 25 GB and is now 75 GB.  This space is accessible via the H: drive on your computer.

It is not necessary to request the individual storage space (H: drive).  ETS sets up this space for new employees upon requests from supervisors or computer support staff, and the H: drive is automatically available after logging in to your computer.

To request school or research group space – S:/Schools or S:/Research, respectively – enter a request through the “ServiceNow” system.  These requests will route to the applicable staff and they will assist you.

To make the request within ServiceNow:

  1.  Go to the My ASU homepage, click Service, IT Support, Submit a Request
  2.  In the Service Catalog field, enter FSE System Access
  3.  After you fill out the request form, click “Order Now”


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