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Military duty – and goal of going to ASU – put veteran back on track
Beau Bock credits his experiences in the U.S. Army and at Arizona State University with putting his life on an upward trajectory. Read the article.

Veteran Evan Benson’s injuries threatened his college dreams
After a traumatic brain injury in Afghanistan, veteran Evan Benson wasn’t sure he could remember well enough to succeed in college. Read the article.

Providing new ways to look at the world
Assistant professor of computer science Ross Maciejewski won a National Science Foundation CAREER award for his cutting-edge work in visual analytics. He’s creating new ways to view the world by linking big-data analysis with compelling visualization techniques. Read the article.

Renowned space and earth explorer joins ASU faculty
New ASU faculty member Scott Parazynski, an accomplished technology innovator, will engage students and develop research and programs to support human health in challenging environments. Read the article.

In the news

What new gas prices mean for your commute (Arizona Republic/
The Arizona Republic turned to assistant professor of civil engineering Mikhail Chester for answers to questions about the economics of gasoline prices, what motivates use of public transportation, the definition of sustainable transportation infrastructure, and what needs to done in the Phoenix metropolitan area to ensure its transportation systems enhance the quality of live in the city and its neighboring communities. Read the article.

Millennial magnet – the Grand Challenge Scholars Program reaches cruising speed (PRISM magazine)
Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering students are pictured on the opening page of a feature in one of the popular magazines published by the American Society for Engineering Education. The article focuses on how young college students are being drawn to Grand Challenge Scholar Program. The program concentrates on individualized courses of study designed to prepare students for careers seeking solutions to what the National Academy of Engineering has identified of the biggest challenges for engineers in the 21 century. Read the article. Fulton Schools students are pictured on the upper left of the opening page. Read about the Grand Challenge Scholars Program in the Fulton Schools of Engineering.

Instagram is vast but its favorite themes are surprisingly few, study shows(Yahoo News/ABC’s Good Morning America)
What prompts people to post photos on the popular Instagram social medium? Computer science professor Subbarao Kambhampati and computer science doctoral student Yuheng Hu conducted what is believed to be the first extensive analysis of Instagram content to find out. Read the article.

Inaugural ‘maker’ summit attendees rethink modern higher education (ASU News)
Assistant professor of engineering Micah Lande was among featured presenters at the recent inaugural Higher Education Maker Summit. The event brought together teachers, students, engineers, artists, entrepreneurs and policymakers to explore how education can be more hands-on and collaborative. Read the article.

ASU freshman Galvin has roots in Iowa (Storm Lake Pilot Tribune)
The academic and research achievements of ASU electrical engineering student Sarah Galvin made news in the Iowa hometown of her father and grandparents.Read the article. Read more about Galvin’s accomplishments.

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