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Tuesday 26 September 2023,

Arizona State University has a strong presence of American Indian scholars who are well versed on tribal peoples and nations’ survival in ever changing and challenging natural, political and economic environments.  Globally, indigenous nations are developing or reinvigorating their own survival mechanisms without compromising culture; tradition and sustained life-ways and they often look to American Indian tribes for guidance.  A common sentiment by tribal nations is that their historic survival is grounded in “sustainability” practices, which have largely been overlooked because of their basis in oral and cultural traditions, rather than in scientific text that characterizes the academy.

Conference on Indigenous Sustainability: Implications for the Future of Indigenous Peoples and Native Nations
October 6-7, 2014
Tempe Mission Palms, Tempe, Arizona
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The two-day dialogue conference on sustainability will engage scholars and thought provoking leading experts to examine and discuss historical tribal “sustainability” practices, and highlight the potential collaborative partnerships, between ASU and other American Indian and indigenous scholars in the world and GIOS to collaborate on developing research and publications acknowledging American Indian and Indigenous models of sustainability. The dialogue would focus on five areas

  • Sustaining Indigenous Knowledge and Culture.
  • Entrepreneurship and Economic Sustainability.
  • Sustaining Inherent Tribal Self-Governance.
  • Native Science and the Natural World.
  • Tribal Energy and the Environment.

The expected outcome is to establish a greater presence of indigenous knowledge in the academy and how Native thinking can be shared with others in future collaborative projects in the coming years.

Questions? Contact Justin Hongeva at or 480-369-5910.

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