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Display of determination
Marlynn Radford-Brown persevered through academic detours and personal loss. Now she’s interviewing nationally and considering law school. Read online

Father and daughter share graduation day
Karl and Stephanie Lauk have graduated from ASU together with degrees in electrical engineering, and join the rest of their family as ASU alumni. Read online

Turning poverty into confidence
Andres Neal is getting his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, an accomplishment he could not imagine as a kid living in a paper shack in Mexico. Read online

Spring 2014 Distinguished ASU Engineering Graduates
Distinguished graduates in ASU’s Fulton Schools of Engineering for the 2014 spring semester made contributions in and beyond the classroom — in community service, education outreach, student leadership and entrepreneurship. Read online

Spring 2014 Outstanding ASU Engineering Graduates
Exemplary academic performance as well as leadership efforts and support of student organizations were among achievements of ASU’s Outstanding Engineering Graduates for the 2014 spring semester. Read online

Honored graduates from the College of Technology and Innovation
Each year, the faculty of Arizona State University’s College of Technology and Innovation recognizes students for academic excellence. Read online

In the news

Father, daughter engineers among 12,000-plus ASU grads (Arizona Republic)
Stephanie Lauk grew up playing with Legos and making model airplanes with her father, Karl, an engineer. After years of carpooling to class together, she and her father both graduated Tuesday with degrees in electrical engineering: Stephanie, 23, with a B.S. and Karl, 51, with a master’s.

ASU gallery: spring semester in motion (ASU News)
Students in the Fulton Schools of Engineering appear in ASU New’s photo gallery wrapping up the spring 2014 semester. Freshman students demonstrate a windmill built to generate power in Ben Mertz’s Intro to Engineering class. On ASU’s Polytechnic campus, over 160 student projects were on display at Innovation Showcase along with research from the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation that shows how algae can be turned into food, feed and fuel.

Fearless and equipped, engineering grad prepares for life outside of college (ASU News)
A conversation with Katelyn Keberle starts with the unexpected: “I was fortunate enough to not know what I wanted to do before joining college, so I tried my hand at everything.”

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