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What to ask and how to ask it

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What to Ask and How To Ask It: Queer and LGBT professionalization skills and issues in the university
A panel discussion for graduate students

Wednesday, Nov. 20 
2:00 – 3:30 pm
West Hall 135 

This panel is designed for graduate students in any school at ASU who identify as LGBTQ. During the informal panel, a number of faculty members will discuss aspects of professionalization specific to queer and trans aspiring academics. Some of the topics covered will include:

  • The pros and cons of the “diversity hire.”
  • Community building while you’re on the job market.
  • How to negotiate relationship disclosure on the job market.
  • Finding and asking for mentorship from queer/trans senior academics in your field.
  • Tailoring LGBTQ-related research so it’s relevant to non-queer-friendly departments.
  • How to tailor LGBTQ service and research interests on job market materials.
  • Finding friends in professional organizations.
  • Getting support when things go wrong.

Featured panelists

  • Lisa Anderson, graduate director, gender studies PhD program
  • Kenro Kusumi, associate dean of graduate programs, CLAS
  • Gabriel Escontrías, managing director, Learning Sciences Institute
  • Aren Aizura, assistant professor, Women and Gender Studies

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