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The Idea Enterprise gives ASU faculty and staff opportunity to present their best ideas to high standing business leaders. Launched in November 2012, The Idea Enterprise connects entrepreneurs with CEOs and executives for advice on making their business ideas actionable. In the past year, eight teams of two to three people each have met with leaders in two-hour sessions to determine a strategic business model or approach and packaging, messaging and communicating an idea.

Executive in Residence, May Busch, is excited about the fall launch of The Idea Enterprise saying, “We want to uncover those hidden gems that are the university’s under-leveraged assets, so to speak. How can we help ASU take those idea assets and offer insightful, experienced business counsel on transforming them into something greater?” Busch now heads her own consultancy in the United Kingdom, May Busch & Associates Ltd.,  after 24-years at Morgan Stanley as the firm’s chief operating office for Europe.

Contact Chelsea Chamberlain, special projects coordinator senior, at for information and applications for spring 2014 sessions. The Idea Enterprise holds three sessions per year on ASU’s Tempe campus. The first session on October 31-November 1 is filled.

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