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Thursday 21 September 2023,
Award Title Total Recognititon $ Pi Full Name Investigator Name Sponsor Name
ASU-Army Flexible Display Initiative Center 1,829,100 Colaneri,Nicholas Frederick Alford,Terry Lynn; Allee,David Ray; Balanis,Constantine A; Chae,Junseok; Colaneri,Nicholas Frederick; Li,Jian; Schroder,Dieter K; Vogt,Bryan David DOD-Army Research Office
SFS: An Information and Systems Assurance Scholarship Program 797,137 Yau,Sik-Sang Ahn,Gail-Joon; Huang,Dijiang; Yau,Sik-Sang NSF-Division of Undergraduate Education
ASU Site: National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network 624,000 Thornton,Trevor John Thornton,Trevor John NSF-National Science Foundation
SRP-PSERC PROJECT 1997 – 2007 444,000 Heydt,Gerald Ayyanar,Raja; Datta,Rajib; Gorur,Ravi S; Heydt,Gerald; Holbert,Keith Edwin; Karady,George G; Tylavsky,Daniel John; Vittal,Vijay SRP-Salt River Project
High Efficiency Schottky Barrier Silicon Solar Cells 388,725 Tao,Meng Tao,Meng; Tracy,Clarence Joseph NSF-Division of Chemi’l, Bioengrgg, Env and Transport System
Basic Radiation Effects Mechanisms in Chalcogenide-Based Nanoionic Structures 348,128 Barnaby,Hugh James Barnaby,Hugh James; Holbert,Keith Edwin; Kozicki,Michael N DOD-Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
Wind Turbine Array Performance Based on Coupling CFD with Doppler Lidar Measurements 336,215 Peet,Yulia V Calhoun,Ronald Joseph; Peet,Yulia V NSF-Division of Chem, BioEng, Environmental, & Transport Sys
Mathematical Frameworks for Dynamic Reserve Policies 300,000 Zhang,Muhong Hedman,Kory W; Zhang,Muhong NSF-National Science Foundation
Physical and Computational Concepts for Systematic Development of Drag Reducing Surfaces in Pipes 300,000 Adrian,Ronald John Adrian,Ronald John NSF-Division of Chemi’l, Bioengrgg, Env and Transport System
Nonlinear Robust Distributed Consensus for Cyberphysical Systems 299,999 Tepedelenlioglu,Cihan Banavar,Mahesh Krishna; Spanias,Andreas Savva; Tepedelenlioglu,Cihan NSF-Division of Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems
Shock-Driven Hydrodynamic Instability Growth Near Phase Boundaries and Material Property Transitions 288,000 Peralta,Pedro D Peralta,Pedro D DOE-U.S. Department of Energy Chicago
Length Scale Effects on Progressive Damage 249,033 Chattopadhyay,Aditi Chattopadhyay,Aditi; Liu,Yingtao DOD-Army Research Office
Collaborative Research: Quantitative Reliability Prediction in Early Design Stages 240,191 Pan,Rong Pan,Rong NSF-Division of Civil, Mechanical & Mfg Innovation (CMMI)
IGERT: Solar Utilization Network (SUN) 232,072 Vermaas,Willem F J Goodnick,Stephen Marshall; Honsberg,Christiana B; Krajmalnik-Brown,Rosa; Phelan,Patrick E; Rittmann,Bruce Edward; Torres,Cesar I; Wang,Robert Y.; Westerhoff,Paul NSF-Division of Graduate Education
PHASE V: (2011-2015) LSAMP WESTERN ALLIANCE TO EXPAND STUDENT OPPORTUNITIES (WAESO) 232,000 Garcia,Antonio Agustin Andino,Jean M; Garcia,Antonio Agustin NSF-Directorate for Education & Human Resources (EHR)
MRI Biomarker Discovery for Preclinical AlzheimerÕs disease with Geometry Methods 192,457 Wang,Yalin Wang,Yalin HHS-NIH-National Institutes of Health
Modeling wastewater sludge hydrolysis aided by high temporal resolution measurements through microbial electrochemistry 191,035 Torres,Cesar I Torres,Cesar I NSF-National Science Foundation
Nanoprospecting: An Approach Towards Environmental Monitoring of Engineered Nanomaterials 183,600 Westerhoff,Paul Westerhoff,Paul NSF-National Science Foundation
Predicting and Controlling Complex Networks 179,542 Lai,Ying-Cheng Lai,Ying-Cheng DOD-Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Finding Allies for the War of Words: Mapping the Diffusion and Influence of Counter-Radical Muslim Discourse 163,836 Woodward,Mark Rhey Davulcu,Hasan DOD-Office of Naval Research
Computational Methods for Expression Image Analysis 160,509 Ye,Jieping Ye,Jieping HHS-NIH-NLM-National Library of Medicine
Collaborative Research: Prioritizing Cooling Infrastructure Investments for Vulnerable Southwest Populations 160,000 Chester,Mikhail Chester,Mikhail; Seager,Thomas Payson NSF-National Science Foundation
MURI: Conductive DNA Systems and Molecular Devices 158,300 Tao,Nongjian Tao,Nongjian DOD-Office of Naval Research
Integrated Field-Scale, Lab-Scale and Modeling Studies for Improving our Ability to Assess the Groundwater to Indoor Air Pathway at Chlorinated Solven 150,000 Johnson,Paul Carr Johnson,Paul Carr DOD-Strategic Environmental Research & Development Program
SRP/ASU Cooperative Agreement (2011-2012) 149,048 Westerhoff,Paul Chan,Candace Kay; Fox,Peter; Halden,Rolf; Lee,Taewoo; Wang,Zhihua; Westerhoff,Paul SRP-Salt River Project
RHBD TMR Cryptography Demonstrator Design 135,273 Clark,Lawrence T Clark,Lawrence T National Reconnaissance Office
Dynamic Fracture in Dealloying Induced Stress Corrosion Cracking 131,095 Sieradzki,Karl Sieradzki,Karl DOE-U.S. Department of Energy Chicago
Computational Analysis of Gene Expression Pattern Images 127,649 Kumar,Sudhir Baral,Chitta Ranjan; Ye,Jieping HHS-NIH-NHGRI-National Human Genome Research Institute
Fundamental Study of Defects Their Reduction in Type-II Superlattice Materials 127,292 Zhang,Yong-Hang Johnson,Shane Richard; Zhang,Yong-Hang DOD-Army Research Office
Searching Information Sources in Networks 125,000 Ying,Lei Ying,Lei DOD-Army Research Office
Research Proposal for the Investigation of Subgrade Moisture Flow in an Airfield Pavement System 124,995 Zapata,Claudia E Zapata,Claudia E DOT-Federal Aviation Administration
Estimation and Registration in Distributed Sensing Systems 124,906 Cochran,Douglas Cochran,Douglas DOD-Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Dealloying Under Conditions of Significant Solid-State Mass Transport 121,285 Sieradzki,Karl Sieradzki,Karl NSF-Directorate for Engineering (ENG)
Mathematics of Synthetic Gene Networks 112,951 Wang,Xiao Wang,Xiao NSF-Division of Mathematical Sciences
Policy aware Secure Collaboration in Fog Computing 110,910 Ahn,Gail-Joon Ahn,Gail-Joon Cisco Systems, Inc.
Collaborative Research: Sensory Integration and Sensorimotor Transformations for Dexterous Manipulation 110,496 Santello,Marco Santello,Marco NSF-Directorate for Social, Behavioral/Economic Science(SBE)
Evaluating Sustainable Disposal Options for Compostable Biopolymers 100,222 Landis,Amy Elaine Landis,Amy Elaine NSF-Directorate for Engineering (ENG)
Wastewater Treatment Using Microbial Fuel Cells with Peroxide Production 100,000 Torres,Cesar I Rittmann,Bruce Edward; Torres,Cesar I; Tsakalis,Konstantinos DOD-Strategic Environmental Research & Development Program
A Personal Mobile Tool for Effective Weight Management 96,000 Wang,Shaopeng Forzani,Erica Silvia; Tao,Nongjian Flinn Foundation
Water Soluble Nanoarrays for Single Cell Proteomics 86,321 Yan,Hao Meldrum,Deirdre Ruth HHS-NIH-NIGMS-National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Detection of changes in health status and source of any infection using peptide array chips Technical PI: Stephen Johnston 82,531 Johnston,Stephen Albert Papandreou-Suppappola,Antonia DOD-Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
Arizona Space Grant Consortium (Annual – Yr 1) 82,373 Sharp,Thomas Kiaei,Sayfe NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center
Expansion Proposal for Effect of Moisture on the Fatigue Behavior of High Performance Aluminum Alloys 80,000 Chawla,Nikhilesh Chawla,Nikhilesh DOD-Office of Naval Research
CAREER: A Numerical Laboratory for Immiscible Interface Dynamics 79,986 Herrmann,Marcus Herrmann,Marcus NSF-Directorate for Engineering (ENG)
Home Information Remote Aggregation and Context Inference Prediction Technology Development 79,175 Lee,Yann-Hang Lee,Joohyung; Lee,Yann-Hang Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
SRP Best Value Processes 68,967 Sullivan,Kenneth T Kashiwagi,Dean Takeo; Sullivan,Kenneth T SRP-Salt River Project
Nanosized Linde Type A Zeolites Providing Water-Selective Transport Pathways Through Chlorine Tolerant Polymers in Molecular Sieve Nanocomposite (MoSI 67,618 Lind,Mary Laura Lind,Mary Laura NASA Shared Services Center
Identifying Terrorist Narratives and Counter-Narratives: Embedding Story Analysis in Expeditionary Unit 60,000 Corman,Steven Robert Davulcu,Hasan DOD-Office of Naval Research
US-Australia Solar Energy Collaboration (USASEC): Micro Urban Solar Integrated Concentrator (MUSIC) 54,246 Wang,Liping Dai,Lenore L; Phelan,Patrick E; Wang,Liping; Wang,Robert Y. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Adaptive Active Ripple Cancellation 50,000 Bakkaloglu,Bertan Bakkaloglu,Bertan Texas Instruments
Bonneville Power Administration – PSERC Membership 50,000 Vittal,Vijay Vittal,Vijay DOE-Bonneville Power Administration
Exploiting nonlinear dynamics for sensor applications 50,000 Lai,Ying-Cheng Lai,Ying-Cheng DOD-Office of Naval Research
I-Corp Teams Compiler Technology for Modern Many-core Architectures 50,000 Shrivastava,Aviral Shrivastava,Aviral NSF-Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Enginee
Phase Contrast Tomography Experiments at X-ray Synchrontron Source 50,000 Chawla,Nikhilesh Chawla,Nikhilesh State University of New York, Research Foundation
2013 National Summer Transportation Institute 49,986 Collofello,James Samuel Collofello,James Samuel DOT-Federal Highway Administration
Devise Agnostic Environmental/Agent Data Collection and integration with Human Health Records 40,749 Labelle,Jeffrey T Labelle,Jeffrey T inXsol
Year 3: Visiting Scholar Proposal for the Assistance in the Creation of Centers of Excellence and Elevation of Operational Excellence Understanding 36,751 Shunk,Dan Louis Shunk,Dan Louis Centro De Ensenanza Technica Y Superior
High Frequency Link Power Conversion System for Stationary Energy Storage Applications 35,435 Ayyanar,Raja Ayyanar,Raja Sandia National Laboratory
Radiation-Hardened Memristor Based Memory for Extreme Environments 33,199 Barnaby,Hugh James Barnaby,Hugh James NASA-National Aeronautics & Space Administration
ERC for Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies: QESST 31,600 Honsberg,Christiana B Allenby,Braden Richard; Bakkaloglu,Bertan; Bowden,Stuart Graham; Fraser,Matthew P; Ganesh,Tirupalavanam Gopal; Goodnick,Stephen Marshall; Honsberg,Christiana B; Kiaei,Sayfe; Middleton,James Arthur; Ning,Cun-Zheng; Saraniti,Marco; Schroder,Dieter K; Seager,Thomas Payson; Vasileska,Dragica; Zhang,Yong-Hang NSF-Division of Engineering Education & Centers
AIMS Consortium 30,000 Chattopadhyay,Aditi Chattopadhyay,Aditi Aims Consortium
Terrestrial Water Dynamics under a Changing Climate in the Southern Rockies 28,745 Vivoni,Enrique Vivoni,Enrique DOI-Geological Survey
Triple-pulse Particle Image Velocimeter for the Simultaneous Measurement of the Velocity and Acceleration Field of Fluid and Flexible Structure underg 28,000 Adrian,Ronald John Adrian,Ronald John DOD-Navy
Comparative molecular sequence analysis 25,308 Kumar,Sudhir Ye,Jieping HHS-NIH-NHGRI-National Human Genome Research Institute
Faculty for the Future Fellowship for Ruirui Han 23,200 Yu,Hongyu Yu,Hongyu Schlumberger Foundation
Elastomeric Polymer-by-Design for Blast-Induced Shock-Wave Management 22,593 Oswald,Jay Oswald,Jay DOD-Office of Naval Research
Solar Decatholon 2013 22,500 Honsberg,Christiana B Fraser,Matthew P; Honsberg,Christiana B; Parrish,Kristen DOE-U.S. Department of Energy
Engineering DNA Delivery Polymers Using Combinatorial and Cheminformatics Methods 18,714 Rege,Kaushal Rege,Kaushal HHS-NIH-NIGMS-National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Characterizing electron transport resistances from anode-respiring bacteria using electrochemical techniques 18,130 Torres,Cesar I Rittmann,Bruce Edward; Torres,Cesar I DOD-Office of Naval Research
2013 Eisenhower Graduate Fellowship- Jonathan Adler 11,500 Mirchandani,Pitu B. Mirchandani,Pitu B. DOT-Federal Highway Administration
Diatom nanopore membrane devices for molecular transport and biomembrane studies 8,000 Goryll,Michael Dey,Sandwip Kumar; Goryll,Michael; Ramakrishna,B L NSF-Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Enginee
GIFT: Electrical Stimulus-Based Built-in Self Characterization for Calibration and Process Feedback of MEMS Devices 7,000 Ozev,Sule Bakkaloglu,Bertan; Kiaei,Sayfe; Ozev,Sule Semiconductor Research Corporation
2013 Eisenhower Graduate Fellowship – Matthew Nahlik 5,000 Chester,Mikhail Chester,Mikhail DOT-Federal Highway Administration
TRIF: TT/GUPTA/GEM-REM LNG TRM 4,691 Gupta,Sandeep Kumar S Gupta,Sandeep Kumar S TRIF: Technology & Research Initiative Fund
The Nature Conservancy Small Diameter Wood Market Assessment 4,410 Oneill,Gerald Daniel Seager,Thomas Payson Nature Conservancy
TRIF:TT/TOWE/NEUROSTIMULATOR 2,271 Towe,Bruce C Towe,Bruce C TRIF: Technology & Research Initiative Fund

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