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Award Title Total Recognititon $ Pi Name Investigator Name Sponsor Name
Label-free imaging and tracking of single protein-protein interactions 1,610,000 Tao,Nongjian Tao,Nongjian Arizona State University Foundation
Securing the Future of Natural Rubber Ð An American Tire and Bioenergy Platform from Guayule 425,000 Landis,Amy Elaine Landis,Amy Elaine USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Big Data in Large Communication Networks Ð Mining and Visualization 282,467 Li,Jing Li,Jing ASURE
The Role of Social Media in Trusted Collaboration for Disaster Relief 259,664 Liu,Huan Liu,Huan DOD-Office of Naval Research
Relativistic Quantum Transport in Graphene Systems 208,960 Lai,Ying-Cheng Lai,Ying-Cheng DOD-Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Synthesize and characterize superlattices of high temperature superconductors and metal/superconductor interfaces 117,055 Newman,Nathan Newman,Nathan Ambature
Composite Material Model For Impact Analysis 116,701 Rajan,Subramaniam Dharma Rajan,Subramaniam Dharma DOT-Federal Aviation Administration
Low Profile, Very Wide Bandwidth Aircraft Communications Antennas Using Advanced Ground-Plane Techniques – Phase II 105,068 Diaz,Rodolfo Enrique Clavijo,Sergio A; Diaz,Rodolfo Enrique Naval Air Systems Command
Advanced Wireless Communications Research Program 94,999 Bliss,Daniel Wesley Bliss,Daniel Wesley DOD-Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
The NACK National Network for Nanotechnology Workforce Development 77,725 Thornton,Trevor John Thornton,Trevor John NSF-National Science Foundation
Collaborative Research: Industry/University Cooperative Research Center: Water and Environmental Technology Center 73,000 Abbaszadegan,Morteza Abbaszadegan,Morteza NSF-Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships
Analysis of Environmental Effects on the Crack Tip Stress Field Using An Atomistic-Dislocation Approach 68,440 Solanki,Kiran N. Solanki,Kiran N. DOD-Office of Naval Research
Collaborative Research: Consortium for Embedded Systems 60,000 Vrudhula,Sarma B K Vrudhula,Sarma B K NSF-Directorate for Engineering (ENG)
Planning for Peer-to-Peer Human Robot Teaming in Open Worlds 52,800 Kambhampati,Subbarao Kambhampati,Subbarao DOD-Office of Naval Research
Natural Language Interaction With Systems and Agents: Acquiring Knowledge, Understanding Text, Reasoning and Responding 52,789 Baral,Chitta Ranjan Baral,Chitta Ranjan DOD-Office of Naval Research
iFAB Foundry 52,334 Shah,Jami J Shah,Jami J DOD-Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
2012-2013 Faculty for the Future Fellowship (Student: Rumpa Dey) 50,000 Ahn,Soyoung Ahn,Soyoung Schlumberger Foundation
British Columbia Transmission Corp. – PSERC Membership 50,000 Vittal,Vijay Vittal,Vijay British Columbia Transmission Corp
California ISO – PSERC Membership 50,000 Vittal,Vijay Vittal,Vijay California ISO
Characterization of Sn crystallographic orientation and Ag3Sn/Cu6Sn5 precipitates at extremely small volumes (3D FIB-OIM) 50,000 Chawla,Nikhilesh Chawla,Nikhilesh State University of New York, Research Foundation
Development of in House X-ray Tomography for Long-Term in Situ Experiments and Digital Volume Correlations (DVC) 50,000 Chawla,Nikhilesh Chawla,Nikhilesh State University of New York, Research Foundation
Exelon – PSERC Membership 50,000 Vittal,Vijay Vittal,Vijay Exelon
General Electric International, Inc. – PSERC Membership 50,000 Vittal,Vijay Vittal,Vijay General Electric International, Inc.
In situ thermal fatigue and electromigration testing at extremely small length scales 50,000 Chawla,Nikhilesh Chawla,Nikhilesh State University of New York, Research Foundation
RET Site: National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) RET Program 35,491 Thornton,Trevor John Goryll,Michael; Thornton,Trevor John NSF-National Science Foundation
Characterizing electron transport resistances from anode-respiring bacteria using electrochemical techniques 34,124 Torres,Cesar I Rittmann,Bruce Edward; DOD-Office of Naval Research
Macroscopic Neural Theories of Cognition 32,875 Uttal,William R Uttal,William R DOD Army Research Institute, Research and Advanced Concepts
Understanding Impacts of Desert Urbanization on Climate and Surrounding Environments to Foster Sustainable Cities Using Remote Sensing and Numerical M 32,599 Myint,Soe W Huang,Huei-Ping NASA-National Aeronautics & Space Administration
TRIF:SDSI/FLEX ELEC&DISPLY(HK) 29,260 Allee,David Ray Allee,David Ray TRIF: Technology & Research Initiative Fund
MobiCloud: A Secure Mobile Cloud Framework for Mobile Computing And Communication 24,102 Huang,Dijiang Huang,Dijiang DOD-Office of Naval Research
Development of an atomic scale investigation of critical issues in the Nb trilayer process 22,000 Newman,Nathan Newman,Nathan DOD-Office of Naval Research
CSR: Small: Model Exploration for Cyber-Physical Systems 15,998 Fainekos,Georgios E. Fainekos,Georgios E. NSF-Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Enginee
City of Phoenix Waste Diversion Development Plan 12,750 Oneill,Gerald Daniel Allenby,Braden Richard; City of Phoenix
Emergency Planning for Arizona’s Energy Infrastructure 10,903 Peterson,Danny Matthew Holbert,Keith Edwin; Karady,George G DOE-U.S. Department of Energy
Compressive Sensing for Image Understanding 10,045 Turaga,Pavan Kumar Turaga,Pavan Kumar DOD-Office of Naval Research
ERC for Quantum Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies: QESST 7,900 Honsberg,Christiana B Allenby,Braden Richard; Bakkaloglu,Bertan; Bowden,Stuart Graham; Fraser,Matthew P; Ganesh,Tirupalavanam Gopal; Goodnick,Stephen Marshall; Honsberg,Christiana B; Kiaei,Sayfe; Middleton,James Arthur; Ning,Cun-Zheng; Saraniti,Marco; Schroder,Dieter K; Seager,Thomas Payson; Vasileska,Dragica; Zhang,Yong-Hang NSF-Division of Engineering Education & Centers
TRIF:/WEE/LWORKS CYANO TEAM 2,459 Vermaas,Willem F J Vermaas,Willem F J TRIF: Technology & Research Initiative Fund
The Nature Conservancy Small Diameter Wood Market Assessment 1,470 Oneill,Gerald Daniel Seager,Thomas Payson Nature Conservancy
ON-SITE RADIOLOGICAL RESEARCH SUPPORT 400 Holbert,Keith Edwin Holbert,Keith Edwin Radiation Safety Engineering

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