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Central Arizona Project (CAP) awarded Tom Volo first place in the 2013 CAP Award for Water Research. The award recognizes excellence in graduate or undergraduate research addressing water issues facing Arizona, California and Nevada.

Volo recently completed his master’s degree in civil and environmental engineering in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment. Selected as a Dean’s Fellow, Volo will begin doctoral studies at ASU this fall.

He was honored for his paper, “Modeling Soil Moisture, Water Partitioning and Plant Stress under Irrigated Conditions in Desert Urban Areas.”

Volo’s project advisor is Enrique Vivoni, associate professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, and the School of Earth and Space Exploration.

His award includes $1,000 from CAP and the opportunity to present his research at the Arizona Hydrological Society Annual Symposium. Papers are also published in the conference proceedings and on the CAP website.

CAP is the steward of central and southern Arizona’s Colorado River water entitlement and a collaborative leader in Arizona’s water community. The Award for Water Research is one of many community programs that support sustainability and economic viability of the state.

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