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Award Title Total Recognititon $ Pi Full Name Investigator Name Sponsor Name
Modeling point defects and grain boundaries in CdS/CdTe solar cells 205,940 Vasileska,Dragica Vasileska,Dragica First Solar, Inc.
Laser Wafering 200,322 Bowden,Stuart Graham Bertoni,Mariana Ines; Bowden,Stuart Graham DOE-U.S. Department of Energy – Oak Ridge Institute for Scie
Si/II-VI double-heterostructure solar cells 200,000 Zhang,Yong-Hang Zhang,Yong-Hang DOE-U.S. Department of Energy
Fatigue, Modes of Fracture and Durability of Advanced Polymer Matrix Composite Materials 99,998 Yekani Fard,Masoud Yekani Fard,Masoud Pipe Reconstruction, Inc.
CAREER: Primitives and Policies for Complex Behavior in Human and Robotic Hands 87,994 Santos,Veronica Jade Santos,Veronica Jade NSF-Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Enginee
CAREER: Compiler Techniques for Power-Efficient Protection Against Soft Errors 75,877 Shrivastava,Aviral Shrivastava,Aviral NSF-CISE-COMPUTING AND COMMUNICATION FOUNDATIONS
Neural Mechanisms of Compensating For Brain Damage 65,956 Kleim,Jeffrey Allan Kleim,Jeffrey Allan HHS-NIH-National Institutes of Health
Funding to support Very Low Noise LDOs Project 60,000 Bakkaloglu,Bertan Bakkaloglu,Bertan Texas Instruments
Wake vortex and meteorological data collection and validation of fast-time numerical models to support NextGen capacity improvements 60,000 Calhoun,Ronald Joseph Calhoun,Ronald Joseph NASA-National Aeronautics & Space Administration
Improving Accuracy of Project Outcome Predictions 56,035 Grau Torrent,David Grau Torrent,David Construction Industry Institute (University of Texas – Austi
Automotive High Freq DC-DC Topologies Project 50,000 Ayyanar,Raja Ayyanar,Raja Texas Instruments
CONNECTION ONE – Qualcomm, Inc. MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT 50,000 Kiaei,Sayfe Kiaei,Sayfe QualComm
Metal-assisted Delayed Fluorescent Emitters for Organic Displays 50,000 Li,Jian Li,Jian NSF-National Science Foundation
Development of a Spray-Plated ferrite for antenna applications RFQ M173.03OKFeb 45,155 Diaz,Rodolfo Enrique Diaz,Rodolfo Enrique Northrop Grumman
Finding Allies for the War of Words: Mapping the Diffusion and Influence of Counter-Radical Muslim Discourse 42,532 Woodward,Mark Rhey Davulcu,Hasan DOD-Office of Naval Research
Planning for Peer-to-Peer Human Robot Teaming in Open Worlds 42,221 Kambhampati,Subbarao Kambhampati,Subbarao DOD-Office of Naval Research
Incorporating affective-based dynamic difficulty adjustment into personalized digital environments: A generalizable framework for closed-loop systems 42,000 Atkinson,Robert Kenneth Atkinson,Robert Kenneth; Runger,George DOD-Office of Naval Research
NSF EFRI-RESIN Sustainable Infrastructures for Energy and Water Supply (SINEWS) 36,265 Ariaratnam,Samuel T Ariaratnam,Samuel T; Karady,George G NSF-Directorate for Engineering (ENG)
MEMS-based Lightweight, Sensitive, Autonomous Lunar Seismometer Devlopment 35,270 Yu,Hongyu Yu,Hongyu NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center
Collaborative Center for Structural Science 30,000 Mignolet,Marc Paul Mignolet,Marc Paul DOD-Air Force Research Labs
Role of Human Intestinal Microbiota on Success of Surgical Weight Loss Procedures 25,879 Krajmalnik-Brown,Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown,Rosa; Rittmann,Bruce Edward HHS-NIH-NIDDK-National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & K
CONNECTION ONE – Ridgetop Group- MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT 24,314 Kiaei,Sayfe Kiaei,Sayfe Ridgetop Group, Inc
Project to Evaluate Thin-film Nanocomposite Membranes to Treat Brackish Waters through Reverse Osmosis 21,500 Lind,Mary Laura Lind,Mary Laura US DOI – Bureau of Reclamation
TRIF:TT/KOZICKI/DENDRITIC 19,773 Kozicki,Michael N Kozicki,Michael N TRIF: Technology & Research Initiative Fund
Unintended Consequence of Reflective Pavements 19,618 Wang,Zhihua Kaloush,Kamil Elias; Wang,Zhihua National Asphalt Pavement Association
MRI – based mapping for identification of genomic diversity in glioblastoma 18,594 Wu,Tong Li,Jing; Wu,Tong HHS-NIH-National Institutes of Health
Arizona GOALI Subproject 16,433 Pfeffer,Robert Pfeffer,Robert NSF-National Science Foundation
NeTS: Small: Collaborative Research: A Green and Incentive Platform For Mobile Phone Sensing 16,000 Xue,Guoliang Xue,Guoliang NSF-Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Enginee
EAGER: A Teachable Robot for Mathematics Learning in Middle School Classrooms 15,998 Burleson,Winslow S Burleson,Winslow S; Walker,Erin Ashley NSF-Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Enginee
III:Small: Transforming Feature Selection to Harness the Power of Social Media 15,998 Liu,Huan Liu,Huan NSF-Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Enginee
Personalized Learning: Strategies to Respond to Distress and Promote Success 15,928 Burleson,Winslow S Burleson,Winslow S NSF-Directorate for Education & Human Resources (EHR)
Sandia National Laboratories Post-Silicon Reliability Project 15,000 Goryll,Michael Goryll,Michael DOE-U.S. Department of Energy
HCC: Small: Assistive Social Situational Awareness Aids for Individuals with Disabilities 14,398 Panchanathan,Sethuraman Nallure,Balasubramanian,Vineet; Panchanathan,Sethuraman NSF-Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Enginee
CONNECTION ONE – SPACE MICRO INC. MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNT 12,500 Kiaei,Sayfe Kiaei,Sayfe Space Micro, Inc.
TRIF:WEE/LWRKS-WIND PLANT CTRL 12,220 Calhoun,Ronald Joseph Calhoun,Ronald Joseph TRIF: Technology & Research Initiative Fund
CPS:Medium: GoingEasy with Crowdsourcing – Building Cyber-Physical Systems for People with Visual Impairment 11,200 Li,Baoxin Li,Baoxin; Liu,Huan NSF-Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Enginee
Quality Based Program at the Idaho Transportation Department 10,000 Sullivan,Kenneth T Kashiwagi,Dean Takeo; Sullivan,Kenneth T Idaho Transportation Department
2013 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship – Boulder 9,100 Collofello,James Samuel Collofello,James Samuel DOC-National Institute of Standards & Technology
Plasmonic mapping of ion channel activities in single cells 6,619 Tao,Nongjian Tao,Nongjian HHS-NIH-NIDA-National Institute on Drug Abuse
YR 4: A Center for the Convergence of Physical Science and Cancer Biology 5,707 Davies,Paul Meldrum,Deirdre Ruth HHS-NIH-NCI-National Cancer Institute
2013 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship – Gaithersburg 5,550 Collofello,James Samuel Collofello,James Samuel DOC-National Institute of Standards & Technology
FlashFlood, LLC 5,000 Collofello,James Samuel Collofello,James Samuel National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance

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