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Sparky poses with Dean Paul Johnson.Dear Colleagues:

Thank you for making our 2012-2013 academic year a success. We produced a record number of graduates, continued to build strong student and employer interest, expanded the scope and impact of our sponsored projects, grew our faculty, and reinforced our innovative and inspiring culture. We tell students that engineering is a team sport, and we could not make these strides without your talent and commitment.

We anticipate welcoming another record freshman class in August. Students cite the extracurricular opportunities and our commitment to helping them achieve their goals as key reasons they chose Fulton Engineering over other highly ranked engineering schools. Your active engagement with them, from their orientation at E2 Camp to the day they graduate, develops Fulton Engineers that really stand out from graduates of other engineering programs.  Our spring career fair was sold out and that is a strong endorsement from employers.

Our sponsored projects are increasingly interdisciplinary and global.  They are focused on finding solutions to challenges that affect every aspect of our lives.  We are competing strongly in a challenging funding environment and broadening our funding base because of our emphasis on impact and reputation for delivering results.  Our research programs are also the catalyst for new inventions, products, and companies. Our growth in this area has been so significant that 50 percent of all intellectual property generated at ASU in 2012-2013 came from the Fulton Schools.

We also have much to be proud of in our programs that take our engineering expertise off campus. Our K-12 outreach programs engage an increasing number of young students each year—sharing the excitement of engineering.  We are also working with multinational industry and government partners that are interested in replicating the Fulton Schools of Engineering in other countries.

We continue to hire new faculty and staff. Many recruits commented that they were attracted to join our team because we have so many outstanding performers, Fulton Engineering’s mission resonates with them, and we are supportive of innovation.

For those who have been with Fulton Engineering for many years, thank you for your dedication. If you are new to Fulton Engineering, we welcome you to the team. Together, let’s make 2013-2014 even better.

Have a great summer!


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