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2012 Halloween Decorating overall winner: Academic and Student Affairs

Academic and Student Affairs, in the southeast corner of the Brickyard sixth floor, can brag all year long about winning the “Best Overall” category in the 2012 Halloween Decorating contest. More pictures are available at the

Our student judges, led by Michael Remedi and Becca Kleinberg, took a whirlwind tour of Engineering facilities on October 25. The competition was fierce this year and our judges put their analytical skills to work. Using the published categories as a guideline, they bestowed the following honors.

Congratulations to ASA for taking Best Overall for their entry, a super creepy take on E2 Camp!

  • Best Overall – Brickyard, SE corner 6th floor—Academic & Student Affairs
    Team: Nancy Dickson, Karly Green, Jeremy Helm, Becca Kleinberg, Karen Lund-Dennison, Carrie Robinson, Nicolle Sanchez, Anna Yi
  • Best Trick or Treat and Use of Halloween Decorations – ECG301-303—School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy
    Team: Katrina Roalson, Susan Baldi, Diane Thrailkill, Maggie Olson, Julio Norman, James Bonner, Delilah Alirez, Reema Mistry, Myrna Martinez, Mariah Pacey, Gayla Ruark, Donley Hurd, April MacCleary, Tianyi Song, Brenda Araiza, Marilyn Burckardt
  • Best Use of Gold – Brickyard 650 and front desk area—FSE Dean’s Office
    Team: Gail Johns, Annette Bowers, Vanessa Hernandez, Kristin Olafs, Taylor Jaime, Elizabeth Cross, Joe Drolshagen, Adam Hensley
  • Best “Food for Thought” – Brickyard 6th floor, Communications area— Communications, Dean’s Office
    Team: Stephanie Mabee, Jessica Slater, Robert Mayfield, Natalie Pierce, Rosie Gochnour, Joe Kullman, Heather Beshears
  • Best Student Space, “Cabin 19” – ECG Student Center, main door—ASA

Honorable Mentions

  • Honorable Mention, PAC-12 Award – Brickyard, 6th Floor—Research Services
    Team: Christa Thompson, Caitlin Munn, Sabrina Carretie
  • Honorable Mention, Faculty Involvement – Brickyard 553—School for Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering
  • Honorable Mention, Pumpkin Patch – ECG 202—SEMTE UG Advising
    Team: Stacey Shields, Lexi Shulla, Brianda Martinez
  • Honorable Mention, What the fudge, sandwiches?! – ECG 252—School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment
    Team: Kristy Palmer, Judy Reedy, Jhanaye Glynn, Alicia Stiers, Marissa Hill, Brianna Davoll
  • Honorable Mention, Best Use of Spiderwebs by a Student Worker – GWC 112—Engineering Technical Services
    Team: Dennis, Ryan, Veronica, Larry, Virginia

Halloween Decorating Contest photos are on Flickr at

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