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Fulton Engineering has set a goal of 100 percent participation in this year’s United Way Campaign. If you haven’t completed your pledge form yet, do it today!

Completing your pledge does not require a donation, but it will count towards our participation goal.

How to complete your pledge form

  1. Go to My ASU and look for the United Way pledge form under your “To Do” list. Or go to ASU’s United Way website and select either the “donate online” or “pledge form” link.
  2. If you are completing a paper pledge, you can give the form your United Way representative or mail to to Office of Human Resources, ATTN: United Way, Mail Code 5612

That’s it! It’s so simple.

Cash donations at fundraiser events
Your participation in fundraisers can count towards participation. Print out a pledge form and take it with you to the fundraiser. When you make your contribution, simply fill in the personal information section and list the donation amount in Section C. Hand in the pledge form with your cash.

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