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Anonymous reporting through ASU Ethics and Compliance Hotline - call 877-786-3385 or visit hotline.asu.eduThe ASU Hotline is a comprehensive, telephone and web-based service that provides multilingual support for 175 different languages, and it is always there for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The purpose of the ASU Hotline is to promote a safe, secure and ethical environment for all students, faculty, staff and guests of the University.

Ethics and compliance with laws, policies and regulations are high priorities at Arizona State University.  If you have a pressing ethical or compliance concern and have exhausted your options for reporting that concern to your supervisor or other appropriate ASU office, or the nature of your concern is highly sensitive and best kept confidential, you may report your concern anonymously and without fear of retaliation through the ASU Hotline. or 877-786-3385

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