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ASU’s Information Security Office would like to remind you to watch for phishing scams. Not all phishing attacks happen through email messages. Take a moment to stop and think when you receive unsolicited mail, packages or phone calls. In some cases, you may receive physical mail or a phone call in which someone impersonates a member of law enforcement, a business associate or a member of the ASU community in an attempt to collect your personal and financial information or sensitive ASU information.

Recent reports from other universities indicate that some individuals are receiving suspicious DVDs in the mail. If you receive a questionable DVD or flash drive, please do not insert it into your computer drive and instead report it directly to ASU’s Information Security Office. These DVDs or other data storage devices may contain harmful computer malware designed to capture your computer screen, track your computer use and transmit your personal information. A growing number of today’s malware can run undetected by standard antivirus software installed on your machine.

Stop, think and verify before:

  • Releasing information to an inquiry over the phone.
  • Inserting a DVD, flash drive or other storage device into your computer.
  • Turning over your computer, mobile device or account information to a technical support representative.

To report a suspected phishing scam, please email For more information on phishing, visit

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