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Monday 25 September 2023,

Dear Faculty:

Thank you for participating in our infrastructure competition. We had over 70 faculty involved in requests totaling nearly $750,000 towards new equipment or upgrades, and proposed additional matching funds in excess of $650,000 from faculty and/or Schools.

After evaluating the proposals, we are fully or partially funding 23 of the 29 submitted proposals. Funding for the successful proposals, slightly in excess of $525,000, is provided by the dean’s Research office and OKED. Because some of the equipment will be used to support teaching, some student program fees were also made available by the dean. Matching funds from faculty and Schools contribute another nearly $400,000 towards the equipment. Therefore, faculty, school directors, OKED and the dean’s office will proceed in purchasing nearly $900,000 in new equipment/upgrades this year. This is GREAT and significantly increases your access state-of-the-art facilities.

Below is a table summarizing the new equipment that was approved for purchase and faculty collaborators. This equipment is available for everyone to use and we encourage you to contact funded recipients. Because of our funding sources, we want the orders for the equipment to be placed by the end of May 2012. My office will be providing each of the School BOMs with account numbers, and questions regarding accounting from the Dean’s office should be directed to Funds not encumbered by mid-June 2012 may not be available later for purchasing the equipment.

For proposals not selected, or not fully-funded, I will be providing you with feedback over the next week. I want to again thank everyone who participated. We may not have the opportunity to repeat this next year, but please keep a list in your mind of equipment that could be used jointly by multiple faculty.


Paul Westerhoff, Ph.D., PE
Associate Dean for Research
Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering

Equipment Collaborators School Location
3-D Projection System for Virtual Reality Applications Buneo, Santello, Helms Tillery, Santos, Artemiadis SBHSE PEBE
Paired pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation Kleim, Santello, Helms Tillery, Bhardwaj, Adelson SBHSE PEBE
MRI compatible perfusion chamber Bennett, Kodibagkar, Frakes, Turner, Hu SBHSE PEBE
(2) 3-D printers / solidscape Frakes, Pizziconi, Caplan, La Belle, Adrian, Santos, Santello,  Helms Tillery, Snyder, Kozicki, Vernon SBHSE SCOB
Cloud Computing Lab Huang,  Ahn, Chen, YH Lee, Yau, Slade CIDSE BYENG 471
ZeGage Profiler Thornton, Phillips, YH Zhang, Bowden, Chae, Dai, Goodnick, Yu,  Bowden, Jiang, LaBaer, Phelan, Wiktor ECEE CSSER cleanroom
Atomic Layer Deposition Tool Yu, Chan, Goodnick, Namanich, Lindsay, Dai, Goryll, Yu, Chae, Christen, Tracey, Thornton, Honsberg, Phillips, Kozicki, Dey, Alford, Myhajlenko, Drucker, Newman ECEE CSSER cleanroom
Teaching lab with hands-on skills for photonic material and device characterization Zhang, Goryll, Johnson, Yu, Phillips, Tao, Ning, Skromme, Thornton, Bowden, Yu, Christen ECEE EEE598
Cluster of 3-5 computers (multi-core, >48GB Ram)* Hedman, Zhang ECEE ERC
Deep-level transient spectroscopy Schroder ECEE ERC240
Computer for GOWMAC Gas Chromatograph. Upgrading of a gas chromatograph system to allow for digital chromatograph data acquisition Fox, Westerhoff, Landis, Johnson SSEBE ISTB4
Avizo Fire software Neithalath, Kavazanjian SSEBE ERC 4th floor
Eppendorft microcentrifuge Westerhoff, Landis, Fox SSEBE ISTB4
Autosampler for Dionex Ion Chromatograph Johnson, Westerhoff, Abbaszadegan, Landis, Fox SSEBE ISTB4
Luminescence spectrometer Westerhoff, Abbaszadegan, Johnson, Fox, Landis SSEBE ISTB4
Wireless Sensor network* Z. Wang, Kaloush, Childers, Vivoni, Huang, Ruddell, Fraser SSEBE Open space on Tempe campus
Replacement computer for high-speed impact test system Mobasher, Rajan, Neithalath, Attard SSEBE ISTB2
Replacement high-speed data acquisition card (National Instruments PCI 6024E) for high-speed impact test system. Mobasher, Attard, Rajan, Neithalath SSEBE ISTB2
(2) high-speed Phantom cameras Mobasher, Rajan, Neithalath, Mignolet SSEBE ISTB2
CODE bright / GEOslope Zapata, Houston SSEBE Geotech lab
Static load cell and flexural fixture Chattopadhyay, Neithalath SEMTE ISTB2
Commercial cross-flow pervaporation system Lind, Nielsen, Lin, Rittman SEMTE EC E wing
Large format scanning probe DI3000 instrument Sieradzki, Friesen, Peralta, Diaz, Chawla, Phelan, Buttry, Alford SEMTE ISTB4

*application only partially funded, additional information to be provided by ADR

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