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On April 19, the annual celebration of excellence of Fulton Engineering faculty and staff recognized achievements and service as well as the outstanding work of our colleagues through the IMPACT and Fulton Difference Awards.

Award winners Beverly Naig, Lincoln Slade and Allison Farina, School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering. Photo: Bernie Sadauskas

IMPACT and Fulton Difference Awards

Jeff Carpenter | ETS

Stacy Esposito | EDO

Nancy Dickson | EDO

Allison Farina | CIDSE

Lincoln Slade | CIDSE

Jared Broderick, Cynthia Moayedpardazi | ECEE

2012 IMPACT and Fulton Difference Awards lunch. Photo: Matt Eicher

Beverly Naig | CIDSE

2012 IMPACT and Fulton Difference Nominees


Manuel Aroz | ASA
Albert Filardo | EDO
Joseph Davidson | SEMTE
Claudia DeLoach | EDO
Cheryl Ream | ECEE
Mark Van Schilfgaarde | SEMTE
Ann Zell | ASA

ASU Service Awards

Nancy Osgood and Emily Fassett, ECEE, and Matt Lavery, ETS, put on Sparky tattoos. Photo: Matt Eicher


45 years
Mary Anderson-Rowland | CIDSE

30 years
Stephen Krause | SEMTE
Lawrence Miller | ETS
Nick Nicolaisen | SBHSE
Dieter Schroder | ECEE
Lun-Shin Yao | SEMTE
Ann Zell | ASA

25 years
Rebecca Davis | ECEE
Gerald Farin | CIDSE
Arunabha Sen | CIDSE
Valana Wells | SEMTE

20 years
David Allee | ECEE
Kangping Chen | SEMTE
Marianne Hawk | ETS
Subbarao Kambhampati | CIDSE
Esther Korner | ECEE
Barzin Mobasher | SSEBE
Jennie Si | ECEE
Nancy Terkelsen | SEMTE

15 years
James Adams | SEMTE
Gary Aller | SSEBE
Rida Bazzi | CIDSE
Annette Bowers | EDO
Cecilia Contreras | SEMTE
Matthew Eicher | SSEBE
James Ernzen | SSEBE
Brian Goehner | SSEBE
Peter Goguen | SSEBE
Stephen Goodnick | ECEE
Neil Grecu | ETS
Araxi Hovhannessian | CIDSE
Dallas Kingsbury | SEMTE
Christine Pauken | SBHSE
Fred Pena | SEMTE
George Runger | CIDSE
Yong-Hang Zhang | ECEE

10 years
Samuel Ariaratnam | SSEBE
Sabrina Beck | ECEE
Susan Borgers | CIDSE
Helen Burns | CIDSE
Ronald Calhoun | SEMTE
MacKenzie Case | CIDSE
Karamvir Chatha | CIDSE
Yinong Chen | CIDSE
Charles Colbourn | CIDSE
Jeffrey Goss | EDO
Narayanan Krishnamurthi | SBHSE
Jeffrey La Belle | SBHSE
Lauren Levin | ECEE
Cynthia Moayedpardazi | ECEE
Mutsumi Nakamura | CIDSE
Judy Reedy | SSEBE
Larry Reinmuth | EDO
Hessam Sarjoughian | CIDSE
Thomas Schleifer | SSEBE
Philip Schulz | SEMTE
Nongjian Tao | ECEE
Cihan Tepedelenlioglu | ECEE
Kenneth Witczak | SSEBE
Teresa Wu | CIDSE
Guoliang Xue | CIDSE

5 years
Soyoung Ahn | SSEBE
Delilah Alirez | SEMTE
Jean Andino | SEMTE
Susan Baldi | SEMTE
Jared Broderick | ECEE
Winslow Burleson | CIDSE
Karen Burrington | SEMTE
Sue Chretien | EDO
Nathan Deneau | ETS
Janet Duke | SEMTE
Jerry Eller | EDO
Sharareh Emadi | SEMTE
Stacy Esposito | EDO
Emily Fassett | ECEE
Tirupalavanam Ganesh | SEMTE
Gennady Gildenblat | ECEE
Karly Green | ASA
Theresa Herr | ECEE
Hanqing Jiang | SEMTE
Mia Kroeger | SEMTE
Patrick Langley | CIDSE
Yabin Liao | SEMTE
Jhanaye Mansker | SSEBE
Rachele Valente | SBHSE
Deirdre Meldrum | ECEE
Elizabeth Moore | SSEBE
Cun-Zheng Ning | ECEE
Maggie Olson | SEMTE
Nancy Osgood | ECEE
Rong Pan | CIDSE
Ram Pendyala | SSEBE
Merri Platt | ECEE
Donna Rosenlof | ECEE
Evie Selberg | ECEE
Aviral Shrivastava | CIDSE
Charles Silver | EDO
Patricia Smith | ASA
Jan Snyder | ASA
Cher Stevens | ASA
Nellie Voise | SBHSE

ASU Sun Awards

Charles Bock | ETS
Paul Boland | EDO
Loriann Brichetto | ECEE
Jeffrey Carpenter | ETS
Lynn Carpenter | EDO
Philip Carrano | SBHSE
Theresa Chai | CIDSE
David Claveau | ASA
James Collofello | ASA
Brett Dellandre | ECEE
Nancy Dickson | ASA
Laura DiPaolo | ECEE
Janet Duke | SEMTE
Theo Eckhardt | ECEE
Timothy Eschrich | EDO
Stacy Esposito | EDO
Emily Fassett | ECEE
Andrea Feliz | CIDSE
Denise Felsenthal | ETS
Erica Forzani | SEMTE
David Frakes | SBHSE
Susan Garrison | SSEBE
Edd Gibson | SSEBE
Robert Haight | CIDSE
Rolf Halden | SSEBE
Amy Hall | ASA
Edward Hall | EDO
Tyler Harris | SSEBE
Kurt Hegland | ETS
Jeremy Helm | ASA
Pamela Hintze | SSEBE
Adrianne Hott | EDO
Clayton Javurek | ECEE
Paul Johnson | EDO
Farah Kiaei | ECEE
Becca Kleinberg | ASA
Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown | SSEBE
Mia Kroeger | SEMTE
Joe Kullman | EDO
Jake Kupiec | EDO
Matt Lavery | ETS
Christopher Lawrence | SSEBE
Gerri Lux | EDO
Susan Lyman | SSEBE
Stephanie Mabee | EDO
Rick Martorano | ETS
Jenna Marturano | ECEE
James Middleton | SEMTE
Cynthia Moayedpardazi | ECEE
Kristín Ólafs | EDO
Nancy Osgood | ECEE
Kristy Palmer | SSEBE
Trudy Perez | ASA
Vincent Pizziconi | SBHSE
Bruce Rittmann | SSEBE
Katrina Roalson | SEMTE
Kathleen Robbins | SSEBE
Carrie Robinson | ASA
Dawn Rogers | SSEBE
Ginger Rose | ECEE
Donna Rosenlof | ECEE
Marie Schwind | ETS
Michael Sever | SSEBE
Shevonda Shields | SBHSE
Brian Skromme | ECEE
Jan Snyder | ASA
Tomi St John | SBHSE
Jemmy Sutanto | SBHSE
Albert Thompson | SEMTE
Cesar Torres | SEMTE
Shaun Usman | ETS
Rachele Valente | SBHSE
Kay Vasley | SEMTE
Nellie Voise | SBHSE
Chao Wang | ASA
Paul Westerhoff | SSEBE
Kenneth Witczak | SSEBE
Jieping Ye | CIDSE


  1. Katrina Roalson April 25, 2012 4:51 pm

    Is there someplace we can see all the nominees?

    • Kraig Farkash April 26, 2012 7:38 am

      I would like to see the nominee information as well. Winning is important, but being nominated an honor, too. Perhaps in the future IMPACT will once again include a mention of nominees, which was the case for all previous years.

  2. Barb minich April 26, 2012 9:17 am

    Couldn’t agree more regarding nominee list. It is very rewarding just knowing you were nominated and also knowing that the person you nominated will know they are appreciated.

  3. Cynthia Moayedpardazi April 26, 2012 11:09 am

    Please tell us who on the IMPACT committee to contact for a list of all nominees. I agree with Kraig and Katrina that the nominees should have been listed in the program because it is such an honor to be nominated. Additionally, we have been listing winners and nominees in our annual ECEE report and our ECEE alumni newsletters, so this information is needed again. The IMPACT website doesn’t list who is on the committee and we have sent numerous emails to IMPACT, but to date have not received a response to our requests. Please help with this. Thanks.

    • Annette Bowers April 27, 2012 12:31 pm

      We are still working through details regarding what information will be posted on the web site. In the meantime, I can send you the list of names for your ECEE report if you’d like. Just let me know. I agree, it is an honor just to be nominated. Stay tuned!

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