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Encourage your students to participate in the new student award offered by Arizona State University and the University of Arizona to transform healthcare collaborations using technology.

Student Technology Challenge: Transforming Health Care Professions Education for Collaboration and Teamwork

Four awards of $2,000 each will be given for innovative ideas to improve how we educate health professions students about working effectively in groups and teams. Two awards are available for Arizona State University students. Two awards are available for University of Arizona students. Students from all professions and disciplines may apply.

The goal of this challenge is to generate new ideas about how to use any widely available technology, like smart phones, webinars, video-conferencing and others to educate health profession students (nurses, physicians, pharmacists, social workers and others) about working together effectively in teams.

We want your help in coming up with better, more interesting ways to educate health professions students about working together—using technology.

We are interested in your ideas about the creative use of any current technology, including social networking technologies, smart phones, video conferencing, webinars, e-mail prompts, education video games, virtual reality exercises, simulation, and beyond. The technology may:

  • Be designed for students in the health professions who are in virtual contact at the same time (synchronous) or at different times (asynchronous).
  • Help students in the health professions achieve either general or specific knowledge or skill in teamwork and collaboration.
  • Be an application where health care professionals are expected to work together. Examples might include involving patients and families in planning their care or coming up with a plan to help a patient achieve their own goals, like losing weight or exercising more.

The full application with detailed guidelines and requirement for submission can be accessed at

Deadline for receipt of application: April 16, 2012, 6 p.m. MST.

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