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Dear Colleagues:

Last week, we announced our Tooker Professors Program to promote innovation in education ( This week we launch our Fulton Entrepreneurial Professors Program to support the expansion of our entrepreneurial activities.

If you have had an interest in moving your innovations to the market or launching a company around your innovations, but have felt that was not possible with normal faculty workload expectations, then this program might be of interest to you. See for complete details.

I’m excited about both of these programs, as they validate our commitment to the education of our students and emphasize one of the attributes that we feel is important to have if we are to be the top engineering school in the Southwest. Great engineering schools and their local economies have significant visible entrepreneurial activity.

We might have been the first engineering school to formally recognize patents, invention disclosures and start-up activities as valued metrics in promotion and tenure guidelines, and this past year we have seen a significant increase in our invention disclosures. This is a great start and we are now launching the Fulton Entrepreneurial Professors Program in anticipation of the need to support the movement of our innovations to the market.

I would like to thank Gail-Joon Ahn (CIDSE), Cody Friesen (SEMTE), Michael Kozicki (ECEE), Ken Polasko (AZTE), Charlie Lewis (AZTE) and Augie Cheng (AZTE) for their input in creating this program announcement.

Good luck with finals and I hope to see you at Convocation!


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