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Monday 25 September 2023,

The EPICS Gold team, Team Ride & Bike, has posted their award-winning idea to ASU’s 10,000 Solutions website:

“Our solution addresses the rising concerns of traffic, pollution and health in the city of Phoenix. By implementing a bike share system, we can reduce the number of cars on the road, which decreases traffic and pollution, and increases physical activity and the general health of Phoenix citizens. Using the system, users can check out a bike from kiosks placed at convenient locations throughout the city. The bike can then be ridden to kiosks at other destinations, where it is checked back in. Target locations for bike rental kiosks include restaurants, museums, places of business and large residential complexes. The system’s bikes use GPS tracking and a unique frame design to deter theft, while the kiosks are solar-powered, accept credit cards and are easy to install. Users have the option of purchasing a day pass or an annual membership. In order for the system to be successful, kiosks at many locations are needed to ensure availability and usability for riders.”

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