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Student JudgesWow! We had 11 entries in this year’s contest. Our panel of nine student judges representing all five of the Fulton Schools of Engineering had a great time touring the decorations last Wednesday, Oct. 19, with our honorary deputy dean for the event, Mike Remedi.

A special thank you to all of the staff, faculty and students who decorated for this event. Be sure to check out the photo gallery or better yet, go on a self-guided tour of our Engineering Halloween hot spots.


With a near sweep of the judging categories, SEMTE pulled out all the stops in ECG 301/303 and wowed our student judges. SEMTE ECG 301/303 took top points in Most Creative and Best Use of Halloween Decorations. With a 10 on a scale of 1-5, they were the overwhelming favorite among our judges. SEMTE ECG 301/303 is also the winner of our Judges’ Choice category  and lauded for “overall awesomeness.” Selected pictures below, or view the full gallery on Facebook.

Congratulations and hats off to Katrina Roalson, Diane Thrailkill, Delilah Alirez, Jeffrey Wheatley, Brian Kalakula, Julio Norman, Natalie Seder, Victoria Poshkoff, April MacCleary, Donley Hurd, Maggie Olson and Susan Baldi!

For the Best Use of Maroon and Gold, our winner is CIDSE Advising in BYENG 208. The student judges gave high marks for the scariest maroon and gold skeleton and top marks for personality and candy.

Congratulations to Heidi Westphal, Gwen Lukemire, Allison Farina and Kimberly Colburn!

Most of the entrants were group entries so we want to recognize Linda Chattin in CIDSE with a newly-added award for Best Decorations in an Individual Office. Linda was recognized by our judges for the best use of Dr. Evil and she scored a perfect 5 out of 5 for candy and personality. “Linda was really nice!” Congratulations!

All of our winners will receive a spirit pack including a limited edition Fulton Engineering t-shirt.


We want to recognize all of our entrants by sharing some of the feedback from the judging panel.

CIDSE Business Office Room 553
Andrew Kha and Elizabeth Barrett, Monica Dugan and Pam Dunn

Honorable Mention for creative use of decorations and colors

Brickyard, 6th floor: GOEE, Dean’s Office, Development and Communications
GOEE: Amy Wolsey, Linda Brown, Bianca McCovy, Melissa Frost and Aaron Truong
Development: Joan Smith, Jessica Jeffs, Sean Ebert and Sue Chretien
Dean’s Office: Gail Johns, Samara Lyon, Kaitlyn Sparks and Annette Bowers
Communications: Jessica Slater, Stephanie Mabee, Heather Beshears, Nina Miller and Jake Kupiec

Honorable Mention for best collaboration with extra points from our student judges for candy

Business Services, Dean’s Office, Brickyard, 6th floor, Elevator area
Kristi McFarland, Gerri Lux, Lynn Carpenter and Brock Boone

Honorable Mention for best use of spiders and webs

ASA, Brickyard 6th floor, SE corner
Karly Green, Becca Kleinberg, Anna Yi, Karen Lund-Dennison, Katie Sisulak, Nancy Dickson and Carrie Robinson

Honorable Mention for scariest use of chocolate (brain and eyeballs) and best use of CDs

Research Services, BYENG 6th floor, SE corner
Helen Samuel, Nikita Singhal and Stacy Esposito

Honorable Mention for best inflatable decorations

SSEBE, ECG 252 suite
Kathleen Robbins, Kristy Palmer, Jhanaye Mansker, Judy Reedy, Alicia Stiers, Radwa Imam, Marissa Hill, Dawn Takeuchi and Susan Lyman

Honorable Mention for creepiest honorary alumnus (Freddie) and best life-size decoration (cemetery gate)

Molly Bloomfield, Esther Korner, Darleen Mandt, Jenna Marturano, Cheryl McAfee, Cheryl Ream and Donna Rosenlof

Honorable Mention for best lighting (no surprise), best school director involvement and best display of ASU pride

SEMTE ECG 301/303 pictures

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