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Learning by teaching helps grad student master his studies
“Sunder” Karthik (full name Punnai Sunderkarthik Anantha Krishnan) is pursuing a master’s degree in the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering. As much as he wants to be an engineer, Karthik also aspires to be a teacher. He says he performs at his best academically when he’s also instructing fellow students in the fundamentals of engineering and science.

New cell design promises more efficient conversion of solar energy
Electrical engineering professor Cun-Zheng Ning and doctoral student Derek Caselli are working on technology that concentrates sunlight onto photovoltaic cells and then disperses the light so that it is absorbed by materials able to most efficiently convert it to electrical power.

Taking on critical solar energy challenges
Channel 8 interview with QESST ERC director, Christina Honsberg, a professor in ASU’s School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering.

Robots on the rise: ASU researchers at the forefront
Engineers are at work on designs for robotic devices that promise to aid progress in almost every field of human endeavor – and ASU researchers are at the forefront of the wave of robotics innovation.

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