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A new project, the 10,000 Solutions site, is a way for students, faculty, alumni and public members to share ideas for improving communities on a local or global scale. It is a challenge issued by Arizona State University for everyone to work together and develop solutions for the world’s problems.

Every person has encountered various inefficiencies or obstacles in society. By approaching these situations with a critical and problem-solving mindset, everyone has something to offer towards a possible solution to either eliminate or alleviate the difficulties of such problems.

ASU is encouraging its faculty and staff to post their own original ideas to solve a problem that they feel has an impact ranging from their local area to a worldwide concern. The site is also meant to allow people to view the ideas of others and provide their own feedback and ideas to improve the solutions.  By working together, 10,000 Solutions can combine the creativity and ingenuity of thousands of brilliant minds that each offer a unique perception.

To participate in 10,000 Solutions and submit your ideas and solutions, visit: Use the hashtag #10KASU with any tweets. And, to show that engineers are all about solutions, use the Fulton Engineering hashtag #10KENG.

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