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Drama in the lab: Creative safety training film earns international award
A woman lies on the laboratory floor, knocked unconscious by an explosion. Alarms sound and warning lights flash as lab workers run to safety.  Sirens scream as emergency forces converge on the area.

This is an opening scene from “The Incident,” a video produced, directed, written and acted by Arizona State University staff, students and faculty that recently earned an international award from the Campus Safety Health and Environmental Management Association. Read more.

ASU think tank aims to aid construction industry recovery
Historically, the United States has never recovered from an economic downturn without a corresponding resurgence of the construction industry.

Today 10 percent of American jobs are dependent on the construction and related design industries, so it’s critical that effective strategies be implemented to spark their recovery.

The Alliance for Construction Excellence (ACE) at Arizona State University has been studying the impact of the extended economic recession on the construction industry with the goal of helping it chart a path toward renewed prosperity. Read more.

Helping to bring holistic approach to sustainable urban development
For Alexander Baish, pressure to perform in pursuit of his doctoral degree is about more than getting good grades. How well he masters his engineering studies could to some degree widen or narrow a growing urban area’s path to a promising future.

Baish has a key role in a collaborative effort involving researchers at Arizona State University and Mexico’s Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (commonly shortened to Tec de Monterrey). They’ve formed the Water Innovation Consortium to do the groundwork for providing the city of Monterrey and its suburbs a modern and sustainable water resources management system. Read more.

Biomedical engineering student Chad David Anderson featured on Career Igniter
Watch the video.


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