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Catch a glimpse of our newest engineers in action in the E2 Camp boat building competition, one of the many activities for new freshmen at E2 Camp. Student teams are shown the supplies and given the rules on the first night of camp–but they can’t use the supplies until their assigned building time. However, they can talk and begin to plan throughout the evening. Teams are given one hour to build their boat on day two of camp.

Here are the rules:

  • Must float
  • Must support little green army men (they must be freestanding, cannot tape or tie them down)
  • Must use at least one two-liter bottle
  • Must be self-propelled
  • Must be constructed in one hour of time specifically allotted for the team
  • Can use baby pool to test for buoyancy before competition
  • Must have the team name displayed on the boat
  • No materials from the boat may be lost overboard once boat is in water

Here are the supplies:

Duct tape Styrofoam Straws
Fabric String Foil
Magnets Glue Washers
Plastic wrap Legos Plastic bag
Ping pong balls Wire Wire cutters
Thin wood boards Balsa wood Dowels
Popsicle sticks 2 liter bottle Paper assortment
Rubber bands Egg carton Scissors
Wood Scraps Lids Small boxes
Balloon Markers Sponges
Electrical tape Scotch tape

Watch the results!

Thanks to Charles Silver for the video!

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