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Four years ago, the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering launched an innovative orientation for freshman engineering students—E2 Camp. Now an integral part of the undergraduate experience, E2 Camp helps create a sense of community for incoming freshman, giving them an opportunity to interact with peers, faculty, alumni and mentors prior to the start of the fall semester.

In 2008, the first year, 665 freshmen attended E2 Camp. More than 1000 are expected to attend the 2011 camps this summer.

The first of six three-day camps at Camp Sky-Y in Prescott, Arizona begins on July 28. In addition to some familiar E2 Camp traditions—the low ropes, the rock wall and ASU 101—there are new activities planned for the 2011 camps.

  • Boat building competition: teams will have time to strategize because they have only one hour to build a boat using a variety of materials such as plastic bottles, milk jugs and popsicle sticks. Teams will be recognized for the fastest boat across the pool, creativity in the use of materials…and their ability to transport plastic army men safely across the lake.
  • Toxic transport challenge: teams will be given a can of “toxic” popcorn which they must move to another container without touching or dropping any of the contents.
  • Gauntlet competition: a relay which will include a mix of complex and silly tasks. One team member will start, and after successful completion of the first task, move on to the next station with a second team member. A team member is added at each subsequent task until the entire team is together to complete the final task.

And, think you know everything there is to know about Fulton Engineering? Students will be leading a session on Fulton Schools traditions.

Becca Kleinberg, coordinator, first-year programs, Katie Sisulak, associate director first-year programs and student success, and Ann Zell, assistant dean academic administration and student success, are leading planning efforts for E2 Camp.

All faculty and staff are invited to participate by volunteering at camp or on campus. There really is something for everyone—emcee events, judge contests, set up activities, greet students and cheer them on and much more. Volunteers can come to Prescott for the day, stay overnight or help on campus. More information on camp dates and possible volunteer opportunities is available at

Sign up for E2 Camp 2011 and help our incoming freshmen get a great start.

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