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Thank you to all who attended our celebration of excellence for faculty and staff in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. This annual event offers an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and service of many of our colleagues. There are many more people who will not be singled out in this celebration who nonetheless work tirelessly on behalf of our Schools and Arizona State University. It is through these collective efforts that we can provide a distinctive engineering school, one that serves Phoenix, Arizona, the region and our profession.

Thank you for all that you do—every day—to support our students, enhance our learning environment and improve the human condition through countless research endeavors.

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IMPACT and Excellence Awards

In recognition of Outstanding Innovation
Richard Filley

In recognition of Outstanding Mentoring
Karen Burrington

In recognition of Outstanding Performance
Allison Farina

In recognition of Outstanding Achievement
Cher Pappagallo

In recognition of Outstanding Customer Service
Trudy Perez

In recognition of Outstanding Excellence
Ann Zell

Jankowski Award

Jim Collofello, associate dean and professor
Engineering Academic and Student Affairs

ASU Sun Awards

Delilah Alirez  |  SEMTE
Jared Broderick  |  ECEE
Jeffrey Carpenter  |  ETS
Joe Cummings  |  ETS
Claudia DeLoach  |  EDO
Nancy Dickson  |  ASA
Pamela Dunn  |  CIDSE
Brian Dyar  |  SSEBE
Tomi Ellison  |  SBHSE
Allison Farina  |  CIDSE
Emily Fassett  |  ECEE
Andrea Feliz  |  CIDSE
Richard Filley  |  ASA
Peggy Fussell  |  ASA
Susan Garrison  |  SSEBE
Robin Hammond  |  ASA
Adrianne Hott  |  EDO
Donley Hurd  |  SEMTE
Dean Kashiwagi  |  SSEBE
Farah Kiaei  |  ECEE
Mia Kroeger  |  SEMTE
Jeffrey La Belle  |  SBHSE
Matt Lavery  |  ETS
Rachael Lugo  |  SSEBE
Richard Martorano  |  ETS
Ronald Milsom  |  ETS
Katrina Odekirk  |  SEMTE
Nancy Osgood  |  ECEE
Cher Pappagallo  |  ASA
Vincent Pizziconi  |  SBHSE
Sylvia Romero  |  SSEBE
Donna Rosenlof  |  ECEE
Bernadine Sadauskas | CIDSE
Marie Schwind  |  ETS
Lincoln Slade  |  CIDSE
Martha Vander Berg | CIDSE
Dale Williams  |  ETS

Awards for 20, 25 and 40 years of service

Not pictured: Richard Filley, 25 years of service; Clayton Javurek, 25 years of service; Cheryl Ream, 20 years of service.

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