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Order of the Engineer

Join us for the the second annual Order of the Engineer ceremony on April 18, 6-8 p.m. The Order of the Engineer is part of our engineering tradition and is conducted each year within about a month of graduation. Similar to other professional oaths, engineers publicly accept an oath known as the Obligation of the Engineer and receive a ring worn on the little finger of their working hand. The Order and the Obligation serve as ceremonial reminders that the primary purpose of engineering is to serve the public and that all engineers share a common bond.

Membership in the Order of the Engineer is available to the entire senior class and graduate students of all ABET accredited programs in the Fulton Schools of Engineering. Students with 90+ credits, faculty and alumni are invited to participate in the ceremony. Over 120 students, faculty and alumni were inducted in 2010. Visit for more information or register online for this event. If you teach courses with senior or graduate students, please remind them of this event.

P&T Guidance and Bylaws Vote Results

Thank you to all eligible faculty who reviewed and voted on schools-level bylaws and promotion and tenure guidance. Here are the results of the vote:

Bylaws Vote
There were 71 votes total. 67 votes to support adoption of the draft schools-level bylaws; 4 votes to not support adoption of the schools-level bylaws.
Of the 67 votes to support adoption of the draft schools-level bylaws, 1 submission did not answer the question about amendment, 52 submissions supported adoption of the amendment, 14 submissions did not support adoption of the amendment.

P&T Guidance Results
There were 48 votes. 44 votes to support adoption of the draft promotion and tenure guidance; 4 against adoption of the draft promotion and tenure guidelines.

The first step in implementation of the bylaws will be the formation of the faculty Executive Advisory Committee, with representatives from each of our five schools. Directors will discuss this with their faculty soon. We will then start meeting with that committee and engage them in a number of activities that we will discuss in In the Loop in the future.

eSpace is under construction at ECG

Construction has begun on our new design, integration and prototyping studio, the next step in eSpace—a collective investment in innovative, hands-on learning spaces for our students. The new studio will replace some of the existing space in the Engineering Center G-wing with an open and very visible floor plan designed to support hands-on learning in a state-of-the-art collaborative work area. This new space will be used to support our newly designed, freshman courses and our EPICS teams.

See more at This new space will be completed before the fall semester begins.


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