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Seeking Provocateurs for The Matter of Origins

Provocateur (noun): an instigator and stimulator of dialogue surrounding difficult, deep, intriguing and awe-inspiring matters; a guide, a leader, and, when need be, a fly on the wall.

One of the origins science and culture events on campus is an interactive dance piece entitled The Matter of Origins.  This piece was performed for the first time in Maryland. Liz Lerman Dance Exchange will bring The Matter of Origins to Gammage Auditorium on April 11, 2011. Thirty “provocateurs” with a science background are needed for the second half of the performance.

Act One of this unique work is a stage performance about the awe and science of beginnings. Act Two takes the form of a “tea” where audience members sit at tables, enjoying cake and conversation, framed and sparked by moments of media and rushes of dance.

To facilitate Act Two’s 360-degree interactive experience, the School of Earth and Space Exploration is recruiting a team of discussion leaders who instigate and steer dialogue about art and science by introducing conversation topics, prodding at challenging questions, and encouraging audience members and peers to bring their own knowledge and experience to the table. Provocateurs should have an expertise in physics/science or art/dance and be sensitive to nuances of human dialogue about big topics.

Provocateurs host their tables as part of the tea, which includes three rounds of discussion (10-15 minutes each) on topics partly determined by the provocateur.

Liz Lerman and her colleagues will lead you in a 90-minute training session, after which you can have more help as you wish.

The 90-minute training session, dress-rehearsal (April 10), and the April 11 performance

Please contact if you would like to particpate.

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