Diane and Gary Tooker Professors Program


The Tooker Professor program is established in the Fulton Schools of Engineering to recognize and encourage innovation in our academic mission. Base funding for this program comes from an endowment established by Diane and Gary Tooker. Diane is a former elementary school teacher, and Gary is one of our engineering alumni and the former CEO of Motorola; both are passionate about creating exciting learning environments that attract students to and retain them in STEM fields. The Dean’s Office is also co-investing in this program.

Tooker Professors will be selected via a competitive proposal process. They will be appointed for one- to two-year terms and may re-compete for subsequent appointments.  This program is open to all faculty appointments.

Proposals are due March 14, 2016 via email to Annette.Bowers@asu.edu.

Proposals for Appointment as Tooker Professor

Interested Fulton Schools of Engineering faculty members should submit:

  • A 3-4 page proposal describing their proposed Tooker Professor activities.
  • A one-page resource request.
  • A current CV,
  • An endorsement/support letter from their school director.

Fulton Schools is interested in supporting innovations:

  • That lead to increased retention and persistence of undergraduate students within Engineering. While about 90 percent of our incoming freshmen are retained within ASU one-year later, only about 70 percent remain within our programs. For comparison, our peers retain about 80 percent of their students.
  • In course delivery at any level that lead to more rewarding experiences for both students and faculty, particularly those approaches built around the range of learning modes of our students and that can be generalized to all disciplines and scaled to larger class sizes.
  • That lead to increased yield of women and under-represented groups from high-school STEM-related advanced placement courses to the Fulton Schools of Engineering. The percentage of female students in high school advanced placement courses is much greater than we see in our incoming undergraduate classes, and we would like to substantially increase that percentage of female students choosing a Fulton major.
  • That lead to future-looking degree programs, with more multidisciplinary learning and competitive resume-building opportunities.

We are open to considering other topics, provided that it is clear that they can lead to increased retention, persistence, learning comprehension, student diversity, student competitiveness in the job market and positive external recognition of our academic programs.

Proposals need to explain how the proposed innovations are practicable, sustainable and scalable to a level that is significant to the Fulton Schools of Engineering.

Proposals should specify resources needed to perform the proposed activities. In preparing the resource request, proposers should leverage existing resources to the extent possible, including:

  • Possible release time from course instruction obligations (supported by school director).
  • Use of service time (supported by school director).
  • Use of undergraduate teaching assistants and FURI students funded through the Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs.
  • Use of Dean’s Fellowships (graduate students co-funded by the Dean’s Office and the faculty member with their external funding).
  • External project funds aligned with the proposed efforts.


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